Two New Titles Available
Thursday, August 12, 2010

Hey, Check us out. We have a pulse afterall. Two new releases.
AM1014- The Black Heartthrobs' "Clean Dirty Clean" Think Rivers Cuomo post-blue album meets Pavement. Duo slug rock at it's best. Pick one up."
AM1015- When Animals Attack!'s "Soundtrack To Rows Of Burning Monuments" is the dark to the BHT's light. It's like a Gary Baseman panting set to music--cute, but creepy.
ALSO: If you are one of the first 10 people to buy a When Animals Attack! cd, you get a limited edition poster, hand screenprinted by the President of AM himself.
As always, both titles are for sale cheap and include postage anywhere in the world. We are nice, stop being ungrateful and buy something.
Back From the Dead (almost)
Sunday, May 30, 2010

Greetings, All-
So, we're a shade over a decade old. That's kinda weird. Thanks to all who have supported over the years. We're going to be putting out two new records this summer. I don't wanna reveal too much, but both involve the musical talents of Dave (FCMM/Roscoe) and your old pal Country Neal.
The Black Heartthrobs "Clean Dirty Clean" (am1014) is a charming record full of melodic hooks and earnest lyrics.
When Animals Attack! "The Soundtrack To Rows Of Burning Monuments" (am 1015)is a little stranger, darker experimental record with moments of pop punk sensibilities. Guest musicians Dave & Jane (of the afforementioned Black Heartthrobs), Ruben (of the Littlest Viking) round out a very strange trip of a record.
Both bands will be on a west coat tour this summer as well! They'll be hitting a half dozen cities from San Diego to Portland. Check back here for more details TBA.

Lastly, here's a list of things we still have in stock, music wise. We are working on getting everything downloadable via itunes real soon. As it stands, the following list is STILL AVAILABLE:
Fastlane Hold Your Breath CD
Veeda Reasons To Stay CD
Running Late (Light the Sky) Your New Addiction CD
FCMM Green Record 7"
FCMM Color Tub CD
Aggravated Music BBQ Sampler CD
Roscoe Rock N' Roll Takes Its Toll CD

This is where I should be saying something cool like "see ya in the pit", but I'm too old and I'm not Tim Armstrong. Either way, see you later.


Wednesday, November 29, 2006

SORTA-URGENT NEWS ***UPDATE***: the FCMM/Kurt Vile 7" is now OOP in Aggravated-Land. To you non-vinyl people, that means Out Of Print. I had nine copies left, four of which I sold at a slightly higher "collector's" price. Those are gone now.

Also in Gone News is the Teeshirt-Maker-Supreme Merchouse. They made teeshirts for us and about 80 million other bands. Stacy is leaving her OC, CA business for New Jersey (your NJ joke here), which means whatever I have in stock is what I have for a while. Limited-Edition-OOOO-RAMA!

As most of you continue to steal FCMM/Osker music from other sites, I have heard on a messageboard that you would like to pay for it on Itunes. I am all ears to that process. Anyone who can help me out with that gets the entire Aggravated Music catalog for free. Shoot me an email, nerd.
Oh, and Happy Holidays.


OLD NEWS: It's 2009. It's been 10 years since this label started. Plans have been made to revamp this site and even put out a release or two. We're not dead yet, sorry haters.

about this site:

Welcome to the NEWS page, where you will find information pertaining to our catalog and possible and eventual upcoming events. The MUSIC page is where your ears can sample a slice of our albums before making an intellegent purchase. The MERCH page is where to buy everything Aggravated. The LINKS page higlights our good friends, and the CONTACT page is where to write us if you have a question or if you are lonely. Thank you for stopping by.

We currently have around 12 titles under our belt. Coming soon, two or three more titles, including a release from The Black Heartthrobs.